Vinyl Scrobbler for Android

Ever wish the music you listen to with your record player or CD deck were submitted to like the music you play on your computer, to create a complete and cohesive statistic? Vinyl Scrobbler for Android tries to make this possible, and painless.

Vinyl Scrobbler allows you to search the excellent Discogs data base either by entering the name of an artist or record, or by scanning the barcode on the sleeve or case, assuming the release is new enough to have one. If you've logged in to on the settings screen you can then submit the tracks you just listened to.

With Vinyl Scrobbler, when you're about to play a record, side, or even simply a track, or when it has just finished playing, you can pick up your phone, scan the sleeve, press a couple of buttons, and presto, the tracks appear on your profile.

How to get it

You can download Vinyl Scrobbler for Android for free from Google Play.

Android app on Google Play

Vinyl Scrobbler requires Android version 2.0 or higher. It is free and open source software, you can get the source code on GitHub

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Change Log

VinylScrobbler 0.3:

VinylScrobbler 0.2:

VinylScrobbler 0.1.1:

VinylScrobbler 0.1:

Having problems?

If you can't find your record, chances are it's not in the Discogs database, or the barcode you're scanning hasn't been added to the release. Discogs is good, but not all-knowing. You can help by contributing to Discogs.

If you have found a bug in the app, please report it in our bug tracker.