Roxoptr is a simple 2D platformer-style game in which you pilot a small helicopter around obstacles of different sizes and shapes with a relatively limited amount of control. The current version is called roxoptr2, its simpler predecessor, rockopter, is also available.


Roxoptr2 logo

Written in C using the SDL libraries, this little game runs on any number of systems, including the ones below:


Source: roxoptr2-0.2.tar.gz
Wii binaries:
Windows binaries: roxoptr2-0.2_win32_setup.exe

Here is a video of roxoptr2 in action:

Rockopter 0.1

Written in Python, using the Tkinter module for graphics, so it should run out-of-the-box on any system with a recent version of Python 2.x installed. Includes a rudimentary, not-at-all user friendly level editor (in no way compatible to roxoptr2)